🎥shredder running linux (computer) embedded ❝jan 31, 2019❞

Where’s that other computer? Uh running on windows XP but I don’t know what they are running nowadays because that shredder shredder? yes shredder of separator? a shredder – a shredder? a shredder where I made that video for you where all the computer parts became grrr that did worked on linux Oh that shredder? Yes. It does contain a linux computer. And what was the challenge for you with such a shredder? What did you have to fix? What didn’t work? Yes, I had cut a cable that I should not have cut. Cut a cable that you should not have cut? Yes it was a cable and it was uh 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 or 8 I think eight uh no I think there was more.. nine or so ten ten uh times two is twenty threads in it shielded so two were all shielded yes for from the (engine) it was from the motor so it measures the temperature, speed, the torque it measured.

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