1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future

A computer is an
educational device it is, it is in fact a direct
reflection of your, your own imagination,
your own intelligence, your own programing skills. And once you’re given the freedom
in which to create things and to see the immediate
response on the screen then, then you become, then it
becomes a very enjoyable experience. You go on to, to involve
yourself in many other things. To that end, there have
a risen in number of users groups. One of which
is, is in this area. And that is a, that is
a very useful notion in that, you can go
to these users groups and you can see other
individuals who have, oh, have had much
broader experience perhaps than you have. And there you can, you can broaden your own
experience with the computer. I have a son that’s 15 years old and I was trying to develop some
type of an interest in electronics. I am myself electrical engineer and interested in
the computer field and associated through
change of technology, I must get into it deeper. My son now 15 has
had an interest in electronics towards computers, but he was undecided
I had no way of developing his
interest and mine. I didn’t want to push
him into this field. We purchased, I purchased
a mini computer microcomputer what we
call now as a hobby, and it became quite
stimulating to both of us to the point where it
was disturbing to our family that we were
spending more time programming in our off times and paying attention to the
remainder of the family. And it has caused a great
interest in my child. I feel that it was the
future of technology in changing towards computers. I wanted to continue on so we went and we bought a
large number of books. Yeah, programming we
self-taught ourselves since there were no courses
available at that time. It seems to be a very, a very fantastic and hypnotic field. Once
you start, you just can’t stop. It is, it’s
something you can’t explain. To the question of you know, what,
what is all this microcomputer and computer business going
to do to our society? In the past, many things of
many levels of technology have, have stratified our society. I see computers
especially microcomputers as creating a whole different
manner of technology or rather of society in that, there’s going to be a vertical
stratification in society. There are going to be
those truck drivers that can deal very simply and
very easily with a terminal and will be capable of getting their
deliveries schedules out of the terminal. There will be those truck
drivers that will not. In the same light, there
will be those MDs who will have and use
the computer as a tool, and then there will be those MDs who prefer to look
at medicine as a, very strictly as an art one that should not be
approached by a computer or any so totally
objective device. Certainly, that you can see
from those two examples that we are talking about housewives who deal
with computers and house wives who don’t. Cab drivers who do and don’t. So on and so on it goes. I asked you this question
of information society. Those that will deal
with the computer will be far and away ahead
of those who do not. Computers are designed to
eliminate tedium in our lives. If a, if a computer does not do
that, the probability is that you, you really didn’t need a
computer to begin with. You probably needed
more arms and legs. It’s, is going to
be very interesting in the future, this question of how many jobs are
going to be created and how many jobs
are going to be totally obsoleted
by the computer. A computer really has never obsoleted a job that didn’t
need to be obsoleted. The cases that we are humans and
we are much more adaptable to, to our environment than the
computer is to its own, we should be the ones that adapt and let that computer
take over the tedium. So then, that three-day workweek
really does become a reality.

100 thoughts on “1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future

  1. wow it’s all your work it’s immensely valuable and—i’m not trying for hyperbole—all should be committed to the library of congress. it is a tremendous primary source for
    history and all the social sciences. so venerable so venerable
    David Hoffmanus Augustus

  2. "One day the internet will invent garbage called social media, where morons get together to spread misinformation which eventually helps a shitty real estate conman occupy the White House"

  3. Ah yes, the dreams of computer techs 35 years ago, and the harsh reality of corporate greed and automation today.

  4. People who predict the future are wrong on some areas but on what he says about the computer taking over and those who are not in tuned with the new technology will be left behind. Back in the early 80's you wouldn't need to be computer illiterate. Before the 80's ended one would need to be computer illiterate in order to get a better paying job.

  5. One thing he didn't predict – that this interview would have over a million views on a web based video sharing platform over the Internet.

  6. 2:53 – He was spot on about MD's. 40 years later and computers are still very controversial in the medical field. Some physicians love them, some view them as a necessary evil and some hate them with a passion.

  7. For those who may think this is a fake, I'd like to bring to your attention, the small black object right near the second man's arm. That is a MANUAL CREDIT CARD machine. Most people over age 35 will most likely know what this is. A credit card was placed into the device, a 3 page credit card slip with carbon paper was placed on top and the piece on top would be slid back and forth causing the raised numbers on the card to imprint the card number onto the receipt. Customer gets one. The store gets one and the last one would be sent to the credit card issuing bank. Here's the best part, the transaction would NOT be processed immediately. Several days or even weeks might pass for the account to charged. If this is a fake video made to look from decades ago, their attention to detail is astounding.

  8. I appreciate the people that put DYI videos and such up for everyone to use. Other than that, driving maps and weather I'm fine without social media.

  9. In the industry that I was involved in I dealt with analogue audio instead of digital audio it is way more easier to deal with processing software for audio than it is analogue There is an argument as to which is better as our ears handle the sound of analogue better than digital that is why vinyl records are being sold again but I do appreciate both sides of this issue. Computers guide us into a future but robots based on computer technology have had their jobs lost . Where there is benefits there is also issues the other it is the Ying and Yang of technology LOL at 3 day work week in todays economy more people are working today harder than they did back then

  10. Its crazy to me that he believes that with the change in efficiency because of a computer, would cause us to have 3 day work weeks rather than capitalize on it. For some people, definitely, but on average definitely not. Everything is money, money, money.

  11. Now we can get what we used to do done in half the time, but we don’t take the other half off – we just keep working to create more output. Plus, work that used to have to be done in the office and then left behind can now be done any place or time, so we keep working after work as well.

  12. This guy sounds like the bob Ross of computer sales. He would be rocking ASMR channels if he wanted.

  13. Now "Micro Computers" are referred to as "PC" which only means WIntel platform which is rather bloated and lacking the old innovation of the 90s… so many train to become programmers only to find out they cannot create new or rival operating systems or programs because they are bound to follow the rails.

  14. If line 368=yes then goto 143 display " you Won!" load: syntax error…. There I just programmed "snake" and saved to cassette on my texas instruments 99-4A!

  15. The 3 day work week could've been a reality if it wasn't for the neo cons and libs collectively acting as if there's no ultimatum to working 50 years, retiring, then dying.

  16. there are no jobs that need to be obsoleted by computers. all jobs are processes that can be automated. we decide what to automate.

  17. The only now completely obsolete device that was mentioned . . . housewives! (It's just that they haven't been replaced with anything even half as efficient.)

  18. “Have that computer take over the tedium. So that 3 day work week really becomes a reality”… Modern day: still having the 5 day work week as the social norm. Probably with a bigger, diverse work load compared to 40 years ago. Interesting how the human mind always hopes for a better future.

  19. Man was he right….. I went to to the ER the other day and the doctor rolled in a computer with him. And as he was talking to me he was typing on the computer. Did more work on the computer than on me.

  20. I don't use the email, because I don't trust the email. IS THAT MY GRANDSON IN THE PICTURES?! Just kidding I'm 18, I also happen to be a coder, but most who use computers nowadays have no idea how they work.

  21. The father interviewed touches on many incites. One which is intriguingly true, is that – once you start using the computer and advancing into programming, it's 'hypnotic' and you can't stop. Though my own advancement is slow going and frustrating, I cannot stop. I think it's to do with feeling like we have a form of individual control over something. Information and power.

  22. THE HCNS – TRAINING & RESEARCH (PART 5) – THE COMPUTER AGE (PART 2) 📽🎥📽🎥https://youtu.be/wkACiJzIuOs

  23. Too bad for the 3 day work week. We now work more than ever. Our boss can reach us on our smartphones, tablets or laptops (given to us by the company we work for), via email, text message, social media, any day and time of the week. Some people work every waking hour and never disconnect. In my case my work and hobby is the same: computer programming. I do this 8.5 hours a day at work and do it for another 6 or so at home, lol. Did we really think that employers would let us get away with reduced workload just because computers enable us to complete it faster and easier? Of course they would add more, lol. It's fascinating to see those videos from the past though. Youtube is becoming a time capsule. In a hundred years your grand-children will be able to watch your video game playthroughs on Youtube 🙂

  24. Computers have made people work even longer hours and be on call 24/7 due to social media, contacts, etc… Computer will be the masters with AI coming!

  25. I got my first computer 1988. It did take away a lot of tedium at first. But since ca 2000 it's been downhill all the way. My life was DEFINITELY happier before computers. And don't get me started on cell phones!!!

  26. They still struggle to get printer paper to feed correctly and, for that matter, printers to work at all with computers.

  27. I'm from the future….everyone today has a smartphone in their pocket which is a billion times faster than your computers.

  28. Weird thing is, as this has come true, most people who know how to use a computer currently, probably dont even know what tedium means. As humans , we still need a percentage of manual interaction, and old fashioned learning, in n conjunction with technology. Or else, you get the snapchat kids of today that can't speak properly and have very low understanding of critical thinking and reading comprehension. Because most of their time has been spent in an environment cut off from manual reinforced information encountering.

  29. Damn @1:30 we're feeling it now in 2019. Now imagine the technology and the effect on social interaction within families in the years to come.

  30. Remember being told that lie at school in the 1970s: in the future we'll have more time for socialising because technology will allow for less time at work, etc. etc. Actually it means MORE time, as mobile phones mean your always contactable. And bosses think that as you do things on the PC, it can be done faster, and you can do more work, when actually there's only so much one can do in a day.

  31. Ridiculous! Computers that anyone can use
    and becoming a part of our everyday lives! Such nonsense! 🤣

  32. The store manager was basically reciting the vision and expectations of Steve Jobs and Steve Wazniak. It was a requirement for upperamagment and sales people to attend seminars and classes headed by Apple before they would be allowed to sell apple products. Jobs hated people who used lies and manipulation to try to sell his products, …. evem though some s he was a notorious liar and manipulater himself. Anyway, he made examples of a few in the beginning and weeded out some highly qualified sales people. But they simply couldn't understand what was required and bullshitted there way into making a sale. There is a reason the people at APPLE STORES are now called "Geniuses".

  33. And then came windows & smartphones and pretty much took an end to the evolution of personal computer devices and turned the user into a passive consumer and also locked the user behind tons of borders and layers and layers of shields making it harder and harder to write for hardware and become more and more depending on the operating system which already restricts you from the REAL POTENTIAL of the hardware -_- The 8bit and 16 bit era of micro computers were the last generation where you could really develop onto the machine and understand it instead of writing for each operating system.

  34. 3:34 "computers are designed to eliminate tedium in our lives.If a computer does not do that, the probability is that you really didn't need a computer to begin with. You probably needed more arms and legs." Is this guy Nostradamus?

  35. Obsoleting??? Obsolete as a verb. Honestly, this is strange for me. I've always said "will make it obsolete" or "has become obsolete". Now, I'm 32, so perhaps it's my generation, but was that a common usage of the word obsolete back in the 1970s that has now fallen out of use or is this a peculiarity of the speaker? I've never heard of it – I checked it out and it IS considered correct – but it sounds very odd to my ears.

  36. How interesting that social media and other Big Tech companies today blame their algorithms for their own human faults; and moreover, that we accept & allow this impossible explanation.

  37. 2:45 Very good prediction! People who work with technology will be winners. Those who don't adapt will be losers. That's exactly what is happening. People who work with computers have freedom. Those who don't are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    The amount of pessimism in the comments is shocking. No matter how good things get, people love to say how good things used to be.

  38. People think more in early computer dayz then now. Sociaty so fucked up now and its wont getting better 😀

  39. I really enjoy all of these videos. I feel like I have stepped through the screen, into the past.o find myself wondering where these people are now if they are alive. Do you keep in contact with anyone you interviewed? If not, if you have their names it would be interesting for the follow up . I’d like to know what the boy programming computers grew up to do for a living

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