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George Krakowski and Larry Jones were best friends, business partners, making their way in the world. But that all changed one fateful night in January 2015. It was just like any other night, ya know? We were just minding our own business, trying to break into this house. We thought it was gonna be just another quick job. But we had no idea what was waiting for us on the other side of that door. My husband passed away on Christmas day. I was all alone with my baby boy, he was just 3 months old. I was worrying what our lives would be like now, when I heard the scratching at the front door. Two men were trying to break in! She’s yelling ‘please, I have a baby!’ And me and Larry were like, ‘Okay, it’s just a mom and her baby.’ ‘Cool. We’ve done this before.’ But then all of a sudden… I warned them ‘I have a gun!’ And we’re like ‘whoa whoa whoa! A gun!?’ Me and Larry don’t have a gun, okay? That’s not fair! George and Larry were now facing a threat most of us will never have to: an armed gunman. I could see in the security camera that one of them had a big knife. Yeah, a knife, not a gun. You don’t eat dinner with a gun. If you did, you might end up blowing your head off. All I could think about was protecting my baby, so I checked to make sure that the rifle was loaded. I was so scared. She was scared? We heard her load the gun through the door. [makes gun noise] Do you have any idea how scary that sound is? The paranoid gunman’s threats continued. I begged them to leave but they wouldn’t. And we begged her to throw the gun away. “If you throw the gun away, Larry will throw the knife away.” “Then it’s a fair fight. Two on two. Mano a mano. Me and Larry vs. you and your baby.” But in a bizarre twist, the gunman called the police. “Please you have to help me! Two men are trying to break into my home!” Come on, you’re getting the cops involved now? That’s disappointing. I figured we had at least 15 minutes before the cops showed up, that’s plenty of time to negotiate with her But with a 15 minute window, and an armed assailant on the other side of the door, anything could happen. “Ma’am, ask them politely to please not break through until the officers arrive.” “I have a gun. Is it OK to shoot them if they come through the door?” We heard her say that, and Larry’s like ‘She’s talking about shooting us?’ The situation has gotten way out of hand. So we took a step back, kicked open the door. [gunshot] I didn’t have a choice. I saw the knife and I shot him. It was either his life or the life of my son. Larry wasn’t gonna hurt them. We just wanted to take all their money and stuff. But you put a gun in someone’s hand, they don’t listen to reason. And what of the gun used by Michelle Wilson to mow down Larry Jones? It turns out it was left to her by her deceased husband. Her aim was way too good. I bet the gun was haunted by her dead husband. One night. One gun. Three lives forever changed by a senseless act of violence. Breaking into houses without Larry? It’s so scary now! I’m worried I’m gonna get shot. Incredibly, no charges were brought against Michelle Wilson, who continues to live a happy life as a widow. But for George Krakowski, could any good come from this tragedy? That event definitely turned me into an activist. What about my freedoms? As long as law-abiding citizens have guns, it’s that much harder for burglars like me to do my job. I mean, what kind of world do we live in where you have to worry about getting shot at work. Unfortunately, the gun laws in the United States are unlikely to change, so what does that mean for bereaved citizens like George Krakowski? I’m thinking about getting a gun.

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  1. George broke in to someone's home. But inside the home owner was armed with a tired old single barrel shotgun, a terrified look on his face and begging him to go away. George faced a shotgun.

    Larry broke into someone's house. But inside the home owner was armed with a tricked out 12 gauge saiga, a sh!t eating grin on his face and begging him to keep coming. Larry faced a shitgrin.

  2. Dear Friends of Violent Crime, The Democrats in California have heard your cries for help. California Democrats are working hard to disarm as many Law Abiding Citizens as possible. We hope that one day only the Police and Violent Criminals will have Guns and ALL the potential victims are disarmed for the criminal's safety. Now I know you're thinking that if we ban all guns how will criminals get gun??? Well, thanks to the Black Market we can get them lots of guns, just like we bring illegal drugs into the country, so we can do the same with guns. So, support violent crime and fight to ban guns!!!!

  3. Funny thing about fair fight thing… That is actually law in England.

    If a 230 pound dude broke into a 140 pound chick's house, and starting stealing things and hitting her… she is only legally allowed to use equal force. Meaning she'd have to try and box him. If she grabs a bat, not only will she go to jail, but she and the tax payers will be footing an insanely expensive bill.

    People go to jail all the time, it drives me crazy.

  4. CNN, felon rights not respected in America, It is unfair to shoot the burglar when they enter the home to steal things they want. It is Racist!!!

  5. Krakowski?
    You fucking assholes lol

    (basically -wski means he a Pole – not to mention that Krakow (Kraków) is one of the bigger cities in Poland)

  6. When you get a notification from a comedic video uploaded 3 years ago that still relates to current serious politics.

  7. It's sad they use "gun control" in their name. I watched SNL and all the other comedy shows I loved turn into nothing more than "Political Subterfuge Machines".
    That is Exactly what they are doing here. A vehicle to put the Death of One of Our Rights into a perceptional state of minimulization and easiness on the subject and action. This is how blatent they have gotten about eviscerating America from within. They treat Everyone like vapid little inept children and at the rate they are destroying education , industry, entertainment , food quality and cost, tricking citizens and themselves out of Freedom after Freedom.. look At Europe…. not what bbc and cnn let you see, look at the loss of free speech, and the seeming battle for the title "rape capital" or "prisoners in our own home".. Look at AMERICA, you say democrats are the way to go? You like extremely liberal amounts of government ,taxes,and regulations in Every Aspect of your life?! Because why? You feel you want others to make every decision for you? The demicracy of today is a infiltrated deceitful snake that has blackmailed all of your favorite actors and bought off every position it could while absolutely selling off America in exponentially larger chunks at an exponentially faster rate and Honestly you better be Happy President Trump is in office because most of the population MISSED EVERYTHING BUSH AND MERKEL AND SATAN HAVE BEEN SAYING……and doing…….
    What's almost Truly Funny is..
    What this Agenda 21… NEW WORLD ORDER..etc… what is TRULY ALMOST FUNNY IS
    this is exactly how and what HITLER SAID THAT THEY WOULD DO as they lied cheated deceived us out of Our Cultures, Our Heritages, OUR FREEDOMS!..
    So you enjoy your Democrats that have You believing that the Most Important TOPIC TO CLOG THE NEWS WITH is what the Alphabet Hang wants to have sex with and How Many Bathrooms they should have to do it in plus that they should be able to use little girlsrooms?! I have gay friends and they are disgusted with what happened to their private choice, then they were the rainbow coalition?! Ruining the image of the rainbow for CHILDREN globally now they are the ALPHABET GANG?! letting drag queens be turned into monsters in children's kindergartens everywhere?! They have infiltrated EVERY UNION..Religion, Actor, Musician, School, Sports Team, you name it they have Infiltrated, Stolen the Banner and Charged it right into media and social suicide for Everyone in Said group except the extremists and subterfugists that stole the wheel and took each Freedom and pushed it to the limit until they've made everyone truly sick of it and nobody wants to be seen with it out of embarrassment and then that freedom happily? Dusappears…..
    We have something so Amazing in this country.. our ForeFathers Fought and Died to give us Not only the Freedom we now enjoy but they "GAVE" is a SELF GOVERNING COUNTRY that was intended to give All who came here under Honorable Intention, FREEDOM… and after a generation their Descendants could even persue Running the Highest Office.
    As of the 80s America was almost complete in the Big Picture. But now everyone left it to be steered by the slickest most corrupt people to lie Blatantly to them. Bushes.. Cheney?! Clinton?! Over PEROT?! WTF?! then there is obama.. do you not pay attention to their actions before voting for them.. he created ACORN.. ! GO look up what ACORN was consistently arrested for…. heroin distribution… brothels… human trafficking…beatingbup elderly voters.. etc…niw turning Netflix into a Industrial Psychology MindF#$I Machine bad as CNN etc… watch… Then look at Hillary , anyone voting for her …. you truly have bought it all hook line and sinker.. you literally have FIRES EXPLODING AROUND YOU and you can't put 2+2 together?! Top it off with they brag about it, you can see it all first hand and you can even goto places they have decimated INCLUDING ALL OF AMERICA… COLUTION?! CLINTINS AND THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT S CONFIRMATION of NAFTA .. The Chinese Government subsidized tens of thousands of factories to manufacture and sell auto parts into the American auto parts industry for far less than the cost of manufacturing until they bankrupt a Massive swath of American companies and then bought them for pennies on the dollar. Every product in Wal-Mart and the rest of the box stores are but a trophy of thousands of factories to manufacture and businesses that were eviscerated by this same pattern of Clinton and Chinese Government Colusion.. You missed over 50,000 American Automotive companies destroyed along with the jobs and millions of paychecks…?! In Wisconsin alone your votes are bought out by strategic immigration. Btw look how much they pay themselves per head to immigrate people who hate America in the first place to America after we were just pawns IN THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR HOME!. Anyway.. Wisconsin alone .. Every Metal Foundry and Steel Mill GONE thanks to clinton..
    You have no clue what is going on.. so enjoy the Most Important TOPIC topic in your book. Alphabet gang and what they want to have sex with and How Many bathrooms to do it in while you talk about YOUR safe place.. your stealing little children's SAFE PLACE to pee… WAKE UP .
    President Trump has put this MADNESS on Hold and is single handedly it seems getting under their skin and trucking them into EXPOSING THEMSELVES EVEN MORE FOR YOU.. they are throwing themselves wave after wave out of their dark sellout America shadows seething at the mouth trying to stop him from revealing the truth! And you can see very easily what they've been doing.. So do you let them keep whispering in your ear and trucking you into not looking at the fires burning? Or do you forget your false pride and join the fight to take back this world and get it back on track ? You can regurgitate cnn all you want but I can prove they've been lying to you constantly within 5 minutes easily without ANY doubt.. Then then you can Make AN HONEST CHOICE how you want to proceed.
    Anyway… I think it's sad that they not only quietly took over SNL and all the comedy shows and turned them into political subterfuge machines but now they blatantly put their agenda in the name of one and you cow down and feed into it. Ask people from the rest of the world if they wish they hadn't lost their right to bare arms.. also while you were sleeping and letting Gitlees predictions come true with the Democratic Contortion that has destroyed the middle class along with realistic paying jobs and your freedoms.. There are some final nightmares coming into play but if you don't see those then wake up quick or …….
    Thank you and goodnight

  8. i think the announcer guy is from the mixed nuts show on youtube i think his name is Piotr or something he like to do chris lloyd impressions

  9. I had a real scare, the other night…i woke up…my guns were making a break for it…good thing I don't store my ammo, in the same place, as my guns…they could have loaded themselves…anc I ptobably wouldn't be here, speaking to you…that was close…

  10. It is the right of all burglars and muggers to forcefully steal other peoples money and belongings. Without the threat of injury or death from legally owned firearms carried by law-abiding citizens.

  11. This is the best argument for gun control I have ever heard. He just wants to stay safe at work guys, is that really that unreasonable of a request?

  12. This is why California has red flag law.
    They should have called the police and had them confiscate her gun. She clearly threatened them. She might have been able to get it back, but that would take months which would have given them time to visit her safely.

  13. Watch the videos about Sarah McKinley in OKlahoma about 7 years ago. Same scenario, only Sarah didn't give any warning. I won't ruin the ending with spoilers, but there is justice in the world.

  14. I would have blown the two heads off. Believe me…!
    Then I would call the police and ask, if it was ok to throw away this pro-gun control transparent. 😂

  15. Poor George!
    To think he might have to give up his career as a Burglar, after all the hard work & training he has devoted to it.

    Now he has to get a regular job, like everyone else! At least Larry was spared that humiliation!

    Law Abiding Gun Owner's are a serious threat to Criminals of all walk's of life. From Home Invaders to Car Jackers to Murderous Tyrant Government's & United Nations Globalist Oligarchs!!!!

    Yet those damn American's REFUSE to surrender to Thugs!!!
    Whatever happened to the good old day's; when ONLY the Criminals were armed? And Law Abiding Civilian's could be slaughtered at will???

    What's this world coming to???

  16. liberal people do not support burglars this is idiotic. it is not stupid to want to feel safer. last friday my school had a shooter drill, and i don’t want to live in fear that i could be mowed down.

  17. You can get charged with murder in the UK if you shoot a burglar if he has only a knife. Or if you stab a burglar if he's barehanded. The Jihadis love this law and raid white houses with impunity.

  18. Nearly 4 years later, there are several videos of suicide by crime. Getting killed by cops was not enough, now these criminals are seeking suicide from citizens.

  19. How sad is it that this isn’t parody anymore. This actually happened in real life. A woman literally said a man shouldn’t have defended himself against her brother robbing him at gun point.

  20. The nerve of those gun owners, threatening the lives of burglars who just wanted to break into their home and steal their money. SMH.

  21. Statistically, people who keep a gun in their homes are far more likely to shoot themselves with it than they are to use it to stop a burglary.

    But don't let my facts get in the way of your conservative propaganda.

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHBn2IkZPQ8
    ^ real life version
    Basically, a guy tried to rob a place and yadda-yadda-yadda another [start black person typing] nigga's [end black person typing] dead.

  23. Interesting how the government gives you a gun to defend your country. Then wants you to defend your home without a gun.

  24. This isn't real. If it was real, the 911 operator would have told the woman to put the gun down or she could go to jail for menacing, and then hung up on her.

  25. What's sad is that people here are saying this was "a joke in 2016; 2019 its reality." Sorry kids, but this logic has been in use by the liberal left since the 1990s. In fact there have been lawsuits earlier than that which have given real life criminals money for 'damages' to their well-being. The only reason why democrats are really putting their logic dysphoria on an even greater public display is because they think if they act like how they see Trump (a loudmouth who is abusive to people) they'll win. I personally hope for a landslide victory such as has never been seen before in America. MAGA 2020!

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