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what separates the successful top online
income earners from the people who are struggling to make their very first sale
online is it something that they know is it may be some sort of skills that they
have or maybe it’s a special tool that gives them the cutting edge over
everybody else I’m mallanna and if you’re not finding
the success you want keep watching because we’re here to reveal the secrets
of the super successful here in Riviera Maya something incredible is happening
right along this coast we’re here for a very exclusive invite-only event called
Platinum summit where a hundred of the top online income earners at Clickbank
have been invited to enjoy these beautiful sandy beaches and crystal
clear of blue water these high income earners are collectively making hundreds
of millions of dollars per year these people get to enjoy the freedom they
want to travel to work from anywhere they want and to just really enjoy the
lifestyle doing what they’re passionate about we’ve invited them here to network
to learn to grow together we do this every year but this year is really
special why because for the first time ever we’re sharing their secrets and
strategies with you here I click Bank we’re on a mission to create the next
wave of online income earners and that could be you here is my partner Justin
to tell you all about the opportunity hey my name is Justin Allen I hope had a
Clickbank University and we’ve already taught almost a hundred thousand
students how to find success on the internet and I’m really pumped up to be
here because we’re gonna be uncovering in the next couple of days their secrets
of the success of the ultra successful the clients here that are making so much
money doing what they love and being able to live a lifestyle that most
people only dream of I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the White House
for being one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the USA being written
up on CNN Money Yahoo Finance and a ton more even made a documentary about the
new lifestyle of working on the internet called which premiered in
Hollywood that was really cool but I’m really passionate about helping you find
success on Clickbank today were I’m gonna actually interview people and
talk through the things that are working best in their business and what advice
they would give to you who’s just getting started
as well as kind of a insider’s view on some of the successful strategies that
they’re using right now to rake in millions of dollars so let’s go ahead
and meet them before we meet some of the
multi-millionaire earners on Clickbank it’s important for you to know that
they’re not alone here at button summit there’s over a hundred really huge or
hers who are generating so much money and we’re able to hang out together
maybe hang out by the beach by the pool go on some adventures of snorkeling
dance the night away either fine dining restaurants around this
awesome resort it’s all great and fun but the important thing is that people
on Clickbank are making money and a lot of people are over a hundred thousand
people have found success on Clickbank we’ve helped a thousand people make over
a million dollars which is one of my personal favorite statistics and we’ve
paid out over 3.5 billion dollars to our clients so that is amazing and everyone
here when we look at the successful people that they have different
backgrounds they grew up during different generations they had different
struggles and yet they all overcame them to find similar success and be this
pinnacle of online leaders and we’re really excited to talk to them and
impart their wisdom on you now something important to know is that they also had
different motivations when we talk to them we learned that motivation is one
of the biggest driving forces because it pushes people to take action and keep
taking action when things aren’t going so well which often that’s how they
start out so you need to figure out what is your motivation you know we have
people here that their motivation was to have enough money to not have to worry
about the bank taking their house away so they have a a nice recurring amount
to pay their mortgage or pay their bills or save up for retirement or pay off
student loans or help their kids go to college what are your motivations I want
you to think about this while we go through this video because that’s what’s
gonna really give you that power and that force to find success online and
continue driving your path maybe one thing to think about and this
is something I’m really passionate about is that click that gives people time all
right time is not a renewable resource it’s not like money where you can just
get more of it when you spend more of it with time what you spend is gone forever
and every second that goes by you’re losing it
Clickbank allows you to have more time okay if you think about it you know
being able to build an online income stream allows you to spend time
traveling if that’s what you want to do or spend time with your family with your
friends spending time the way you want it having that freedom to do it is the
most exciting thing for me and that’s really what motivated me to building
this online income that I’ve been able to achieve so where do you fit in that’s
probably what you’re thinking out of all of this right now it’s better than ever
to build a business online or just build an income online there’s no more
gatekeepers you can reach millions of people with your message using the
internet without meeting those things that a typical business needed right
back in the day you need to have a location a freaking mortar place you
have to hire salespeople you have to have crazy insurance and
liability and inventory and stock of everything and worry about shipping and
all this stuff that you don’t have to worry about anymore which is absolutely
amazing and what we’re gonna actually talk about and the kind of tees and you
a little bit here is in the next few days we’re going to be talking about a
system that allows you to earn a pretty crazy amount of money generating high
commissions like the pros do we figure it out by being here at Clickbank and
getting all this Intel all these thousands and thousands of transactions
that happen every day to learn what’s working and what’s not and we’re really
seeing this divide between the people that are fighting super high levels of
success and those people that aren’t finding the success that they want
there’s certain roadblocks that are natural barriers that are stopping
people from finding that poultra high level tier of success and we figured out
a way to get rid of those so I’m really excited about that that’s gonna actually
happen on a Clickbank breaks the internet workshop event that’s what
we’re calling a Clickbank breaks the internet because it’s gonna break the
internet for all marketers everywhere so you don’t want to make sure you register
for that the lower this video you know here at Clickbank and Clickbank
University as being when hey creators of it we’ve helped teach
70,000 plus people how to find success online and that’s been awesome and we’ve
learned so much from them that we’ve been able to create a system that helps
destroy a lot of the roadblocks that were previously in place so we’re really
excited about that now if you haven’t had the success you want yet you know
don’t worry it takes the right mentors it takes the right knowledge it takes
the right tools the right support to really have those breakthroughs so when
we’re talking to the people here a lot of them actually we’re really open which
is absolutely amazing to us they were really open mostly private discussions
about the struggles that they faced when they were just getting started
everyone faced struggles times that they doubted themselves that they weren’t
sure if they could do it and so if you’re in that place right now if you
haven’t found the success that you want please keep watching please don’t give
up everyone’s been through it especially myself I know what it’s like to really
try to work hard at something and not have that final missing piece we’re
gonna try to uncover that for you and put the pieces of the puzzle together
for you you’re here because you made the decision that you want to live a life
that’s different right you don’t want to be kind of a slave to that 9 to 5 grind
the feeling of being out hamster on a wheel never really kind of going
anywhere you know that there’s something better out there for you and you see all
these people out here finding this success and that’s why we’re super
excited for that training that I was talking to you about where you’re going
to learn how to earn an income like the pros do because you’re not going to have
those newbie roadblocks in place everyone we talked to here has had a
slightly different path to success but I want you to really focus on three main
things that these people really have ingrained in them and they know that’s
responsible for their at least initial success and what is that well the first
thing is self belief you have to believe in yourself you have to trust in
yourself you have to invest in yourself or else you’re not gonna really get
anywhere now the second thing is to focus on what works
ok so we’re learning from others on what works and focusing on that so you can
grow it and scale it now the third thing is to just not give up
because what happens is when you’re scaling when you’re growing when you see
what works and you try to emulate it it might not work out exactly the way you
planned or you hoped and you had these expectations and it might be just you
might be almost there you just have to make one more turn and you’re there find
any success so the third thing is to not give up it’s a true on your path so well
everyone here had different struggles and different motivations they shared
the same principles for success now let’s go ahead and listen to them and
check them out we asked them what would you recommend to a complete newbie as
advice to start being successful on a nerd hi I’m Susan Breton and I am the trusted
hot sex adviser to millions and the CEO of personal life media I’ve been the tip
bag for nearly a decade and why don’t you I give you if you’re just getting
into business is to put all your attention on a single fun just build one
funnel and keep refining it learn how to do split test copy put some ideas use a
lot of curiosity to get people engaged and look at different pictures and
illustrations for your page just keep working that scene just keep going for
that one thing and pretty soon you’ll have something that really appeals to a
wide audience and starts to make money whatsoever so I don’t have to worry too
much about designing the site I think the number one piece of advice
would be not to give up when you first start internet marketing and be
frustrating it’s not always gonna go awesome that first I think it needs to
kind of practice practice practice to a lot of things but really just can’t give
up I mean I started out it took me a good six months to a year to really get
some traction but I think at the end of day if you don’t put and work hard you
just get after and you’re gonna be successful so it always comes out just
not quitting there’s a lot of things I would say somebody that’s just starting
an internet marketing but one of the things that will really advice someone
who’s just starting right now is to focus
why because right now we live in a world that there’s too many distractions right
now you have a cellphone with a lot of social media applications you want to
know what’s going on with your with your grandma with your ex-partner or anything
your phone what’s up she got text messages so right now to focus and you
and your business would be one of the best things that would buy someone that
just started to me my advice to someone just starting out is determination
believing in yourself and consistency when you’re starting something new it’s
hard to to see it through to the end and that takes a month or a year to find
that determination can be trying especially if you have naysayers in your
life and maybe your significant other doesn’t believe it you can do it that’s
that’s the key is actually following through my number one piece of advice a
program find an affiliate program that’s a fashionable finding a program that you
can get behind but you can recommend to the friends and family find the
affiliate program that’s 100% fully believe it because if you don’t believe
in the product you’re selling you’re not going to be able to sell it well you’re
not going to be able to be successful and it you know a lot of people a lot of
people limit themselves you know they they start affiliate marketing and they
come out of products they don’t fully endorse but they do it because they
believe they can make some money but what I’ve seen I’m half the time at
the time because I’ve been involved in this industry for quite a few years and
I’ve seen a lot of affiliates come and go is that a way to promote products
they don’t fully believe in you know they might some of them might make no
money some of them might make a lot of money but they end up shifting and they
end up hitting away because they either because they had so much success had too
much available but they don’t believe in the product so you need to start with
the product so my number one piece of advice for someone starting to the
internet marketing is that is partnering up with someone more expert than you or
having someone that you don’t personally have or somehow body you can find
someone else so you can partner with it with him and create the product or
something together so you can turn then to your strengths and then create
something that it’s more viable for your community that you can have more a kind
of exchange of expertise so if you’re new a you do not know something
specifically about video marketing or social media you have someone more
expert in you now although the feedback from those millionaires and ultra high
earners on Clickbank seems really simple and seems obvious trust me it’s profound
and I want you to really pay attention to it these are people that have made so
much money on the internet most people can only dream of it now next we’re
going to talk to two of my friends and also clients on Clickbank that have
found so much success they’ve agreed to do a sit-down discussion about the
success that they’re finding and maybe some insights that you can use for
yourself now if you checked out the free report that we had you already met jr.
you already met Brian and you learned how they make thousand dollar
commissions so hopefully you can – let’s go talk to them
they are Fisher and have a couple different companies one of them being you definitely get guys there’s so many
great offers out there white just sell your own when I saw some other great
ones I literally did not have a plan at all so you don’t have a plan don’t worry
about it I started off selling cell phone cases online and did not do well
at it but that got me in the door learning things and that’s really the
key is you’re gonna kind of get in the door again start trying things and if
you do you you’ll come across something good what kind of advice would you give
people that are maybe struggling and so they can kind of relate and see the
light at the end of the the time I can really relate to struggle I didn’t have
a clue what I was doing in the beginning I kid around but I couldn’t even send
email as well when I first started off when I found the forward and reply
button on my email I thought holy crap let’s go saving so much time because I
was copying and pasting everybody’s email so that was my level of technical
expertise and like I said my first product I did not do well cell phone
cases but it led me to all the other products that you get in there to kind
of get your feet wet you’ll find some stuff that’s how it works
don’t worry if you don’t have a plan you know get some training and get started
because I know I didn’t have a plan I just knew I want to make some money
online so everybody thinks they got to find the perfect product the perfect
perfect thing for to get going of everything’s set up and everything lined
up and there’s no perfect time there’s no perfect plan to do that you just need
to get started if you get started you’ll come across stuff is it exposes you to
everything that’s out there but if you don’t get started you won’t see any of
those opportunities that’s awesome I’m I think you’re the same way and we’re
passionate about helping other people because we’ve struggled to figure it out
ourselves and have been lucky enough to find tons of success doing it and now
the next step is kinda to sherry you know so it should be that’s
that’s the way it should pass it along right so one thing I also want to talk
to you about because I know you’re doing this a lot in the background and we’ve
promoted your products also through webinars oh my god webinars just awesome
awesome and I’ll tell you what a webinar really is it’s to help people in advance
you know it’s not just to sell somebody a product now you know they they buy my
products because of my webinars but it’s it’s not a matter of me getting on there
say bye bye bye it’s a matter of saying here this works so they can actually
apply it that day and get results and the funny thing is if you help people by
giving them results they do what buy your products
yeah I think webinars are using something that a lot of marketing
doesn’t use that’s kind of the factor of like reciprocity and giving value and
and going through some real good content that people can absorb during the
webinar and then once you have something for sale at the end of it they realize
well I’ve learned so much for free you know and I have all this trust and I’ve
been on this webinar for an hour building a relationship with the webinar
presenter right very easy to have them want to jump into that next step they’re
doing those webinars in the right format and getting them set up the right way
right that’s critical to you can just get on there and ramble on you gotta
have a plan you gotta know yeah there seems to be this formula
there definitely is a formula we’ve really been figuring out you know you
know these different sequences lead up to the pitch and then that’s what never
even gets to join and creates a huge amount of sales at one time online and
knowing that that process and knowing those steps and getting it from somebody
who’s already done at webinar like you’ve done webinars I have to you know
makes it so much easier but you don’t have to go through all those trials and
tribulations and mistakes and not saying the right thing at the right time you
know just get it from somebody who’s already done webinars I think another
really cool thing and this is pretty much all we’re doing on our site is when
we’re promoting products we’re asking vendors if they have a weapon and we’re
just promoting the like that’s to me I mean let me know for you like when you
promote a product and if you’ve been an affiliate – like a webinar those seem to
me to make the most like dollar per effort getting somebody and they have to
have their product right that’s the key thing is only good product but that will
come out in the webinar and you’ll see that they see them they see the value
they’re gonna buy and the weather and just so everyone can kind of get a
good idea of what types of products like what is the price point for example so
they understand that these are higher price Bob yeah you know most products
you’re gonna sell on a webinar is gonna be like a 997 – maybe a 1997 or
sometimes even about that but you know that thousands of $2,000 range is you
know a normal yeah and sometimes you can break that down into payments for people
but that’s that’s a good range to have for webinar yeah we’ve seen that work
really well and also what kind of for your products and your webinars we’ve
run some of them they’ve done really well what kind of like percentage can
people expect to convert on the webinar people that are live when you pitch the
product out of say there’s 500 people on the webinar how many sales right it’s
gonna vary according but I got to tell you when I do a webinar with you we we
have some crazy conversions like your twenty thirty percent and you think
about it you know if people get an email and maybe two or three percent open the
email and one percent click you know webinars credibly profitable you can get
20 to 30 percent of people buy your product with a thousand dollars you know
doesn’t take a mathematician to figure it out that’s yeah it’s pretty amazing
and then there’s and that’s kind of only part of it like do the webinar it makes
this big amount of sales but you know you’ve seen how your webinars like
there’s sequences after that the next day makes money the next day makes money
way you create a replay at the end of it that really kind of increases sales in
the last day to do that we’re sitting here in Cancun Mexico now and we’re
sitting on this nice lounge here out by the pool and we’re working this is
working if this is what you want to do I mean this is really go about it I mean
this this is where you would start right here and this is where you would end up
to one of these resorts somewhere because you can certainly do it you make
money 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where you are in the world and
I don’t know of another job and you can do that and I don’t know of a better
time to do it either you know this this wasn’t available 15-20 years ago and who
knows if it will be available yet 20 years
now right now is the best time to get in it’s you know it’s it’s growing so much
now that you know for those of you who worry well I’ve already missed out you
know it’s not good anymore no this is the best time this is the time my name’s
brian croissant i’ve been marketing online since the
early 2005 been running information marketing businesses selling everything
from rock climbing training information products to high-end really all
encompassing horses that are at the financial or business opportunity space
and i’ve been selling them in a lot of different mediums as well everything
from traditional sales letters to video sales letters to over the phone to sales
clubs which has been one of the absolute best ways we need to be able to run our
products and really capture people’s attention provide value and awesome
thank you yeah so for everyone that’s kind of just getting started out what
are you kind of what would you say to them to stay motivated and then stay
excited and stay on the right path kind of advice you know as an entrepreneur
like you’re gonna have your ups and downs so you have to know that coming in
and there’s a few things that have really helped me over the years one of
the biggest things is focusing on my goals I know most people always talk
about the power of sitting down setting their goals and writing them down and
I’m no different in the matter that I highly highly encourage that and the
reason I do that is because it’s different when it comes from your head
to pen and paper and as you sit down and write things out you start to actually
figure out what you really want and I don’t mean just writing down things like
I want to make more money that’s great but what does money actually do
maybe it gives you time maybe it gives you the freedom to go where you want or
quit your job or do any of these myriad of things when you take care of your
family but you need to get very specific on
what it is and why that motivate any time I’m like a loser I feel like I’m
burning out who’s that steam try to visualize my motivations and what
brought me there what kind of got me started and what L feel like that level
it’s like now what when there’s that little crisis and then they realize
quite points to contribute and to give valuing to help other people I wanted to
talk you mentioned this right away that you’re having a lot of success with
webinars yeah and we’ve actually even promoted your product really well so I
don’t know if you can maybe talk about how webinars are changing your whole
business and wonder why you’re focusing on them what’s the value of a webinar so
I think what’s so powerful about webinars is you get to capture someone’s
attention for a longer period of time in any type of business it’s all about
being able to garner someone’s attention run them through basically the value
that you’re providing how you can be a solution to the problem that they have
and then make them an offer and in a email or on a video sales letter or
however you’re currently selling it you usually have a set period of time to
capture that attention in a webinar format most of the time everyone joining
the webinar has been on some type of training class or webinar before so they
know that they’re going to be there for at least an hour sometimes two hours for
me I I love doing long webinar that I’m sure you’re the one that we did was I
think over three hours or something like that but I like to stay on four
long period of time because it allows me to provide more value make sure I be
getting people’s questions answered and most importantly allows me to recount my
offer multiple times because as we know most individuals never buy off of the
first kind of experience with you as a brain and just like a webinar I don’t
know how much someone was paying attention as you are running through
your slides and so you want to make sure you can kind of recap the benefits where
you have understanding and do some great training so that’s one of the reasons I
love it but the other main reason is it’s a mechanism where one of my mentors
taught me Franklin where you can provide results in advance right it’s a lot
harder in a video or email series to provide maybe the exact results are
trying to help someone get in advance but if you’ve got their attention for at
least an hour or an hour and a half two hours you can go through and actually
give them some really valuable action steps that they could take and run with
it and by providing that value they immediately start to kind of concept
like well if I’m learning this from Ryan here in this setting what could I
actually do and accomplish outside of when I invest in this training and you
know I really start to dedicate myself to it and that’s what’s so great you
know really gives you that opportunity and the thing that you need to
understand especially online is people get nervous about selling things right
and they should be there there there should be excited about selling stuff
because we need to understand that if we have a good product or we support the
products like CPU you then are doing people a disservice if you don’t get
them to purchase program it’s literally I believe your moral obligation to do
everything you can get them to invest in the train because
it can have a dramatic impact on your life so if you find other folks that are
doing a really good job of these structures I mean it makes your life so
much easier awesome we’re actually making a software
I haven’t mentioned this to but we’re making a software that allows affiliates
to promote webinars really easily without having to get a ton of people
all live at the same time yeah that way they can start making you know
commissions sighs what’s your commission rate for example yeah right now people
will learn you know 500 dollars roughly per sale 50% on the thousand-dollar
product yeah and we’ve got upsells and continuity and sometimes there’s even
back-end sales that they get thousand dollar Commission on as well
yeah that’s an awesome way to really jumpstart your earnings so you speed it
yeah a couple sales a month for them to really kind of get to that next level
which is amazing what I talked to Brian about there for a moment about a
software that’s actually what we’re gonna be unveiling on the Clickbank
brakes the internet training event so excited for it because you’re gonna be
able to for the first time ever earn commission checks like $1,000 per sale
to you without needing a product without needing an email list without anything
inventory and it’s revolutionary it’s the first time we’re ever releasing this
to anyone and we want to make sure it’s just click thanks subscribers and you
are gonna see something that has never been seen or even maybe even thought of
by marketers we called it the Clickbank breaks the internet because we think
it’s gonna break the internet for marketers every we’re just gonna
absolutely be mind-blowing so without further ado make sure to register for it
because we use GoToWebinar and that system holds only a thousand people and
we will most certainly max out and reach capacity because this is the biggest
event we’ve ever done this is the most exciting thing we’ve ever held and I am
so pumped up to be able to present it to you and show you the system that’s gonna
allow you to really just earn like the pros things that pros are doing to make
so much money aren’t possible for newbies because there’s certain things
holding them back that only a system a software system can
really but just take away those roadblocks those barriers so make sure
to register below here you’re going to be able to open up the webinar and
register for it and add a thousand capacity we will be maxed out and no one
will be able to attend so once you register make sure to set a reminder on
your phone and show up five minutes early so you don’t miss out so that’s it
I’m super pumped up and I’m excited that you’re going to start earning like the
probes so register below and I’ll talk to you soon
I’ll see you then you #ClickBankBreaksTheInternetReview,
#clickbankbreaksthe internetJustinAtlan,
#clickbankbreakstheinternetreview ✅👉,
#ClickBank Breaks The Internet Bonus,

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