Electronic Back Pressure Regulator for High Pressures

I’m David Reed with Equilibar and today
I’m going to demonstrate how a Proportion-Air GX Series electronic
pressure regulator can be used to provide a pilot signal to an Equilibar
precision back pressure regulator which will allow you to control the back
pressure in your process from 0 to 1000 psi by using an electronic command
signal. The Proportion-Air GX series is a complete electronic pressure regulator.
It consists of two solenoid valves, an electronic pressure sensor, and a
sophisticated control circuit. One solenoid valve is used to allow air
pressure to flow into the system and increase the pressure. The other solenoid
valve is used to allow air to exhaust from the system to decrease the pressure. The stainless steel pressure transmitter is mounted between the two
valves and it measures the system pressure and provides feedback to the
circuit board. The circuit compares the pressure to your desired set point and
modulates one of the two valves accordingly to set the pressure equal to
your command. For our demonstration today we will be using a 0 to 1000 psi GX series from Proportion-Air to provide a 0 to 1000 psi pilot signal to this precision
Equilibar LF series back pressure regulator. We will provide a command signal to the GX using this Fluke 787 process meter. I’ll go ahead and increase the
command signal from 4mA to 12mA. Since that’s half scale we
should see the pressure in the system increase to about 500 psi. The GX is able to achieve that by providing a precise 500 psi pressure to the pilot port of the
LF series Equilibar precision back pressure
regulator. The LF controls the system back pressure here in a precise one-to-one relationship between the pilot and the controlled pressure on the inlet. Now
will increase the command signal from 12mA to 20 mA which
represents 100% command and for this particular unit represents 1000 psi. We’ll
provide 1000 psi pilot to the LF series back pressure regulator which
should control 1000 psi back pressure in your system. The GX series is a relieving regulator
and by decreasing the command signal we can reduce to pilot pressure on the back
pressure regulator and therefore reduce the pressure in your system. In today’s
demonstration we used the Proportion- Air GX series to provide a 0 to 1000
psi pilot to an Equilibar LF series. The LF series back pressure regulator is
particularly useful for catalysis research and other reactor pressure
controls. The GX can also be used to pilot operated Equilibar’s larger back
pressure regulators such as this one inch stainless steel model shown here. If
you’d like to learn more please visit us on our website at a Equilibar.com

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