Engineering and Computing at DCU

One of the first things that you do when you step into Enterprise Computing is you get to make your own website. Computing in DCU is my vehicle for problem solving it’s how I get to put my passion to use. We make cool things like a robot that climbs up a ladder A fourth year project I’m working on at the moment is an energy sensor monitor so i’m using sensors to get energy values from appliances all around my house then I’m going to graph them to a real-time graph so it works on an App and browser. I love Mechatronic Engineering because I love the mechanical side loved engineering as a leaving cert and I loved electrical systems as well that was involved in it so going between the two of them just made sense and I love the course. I’m working on a translation system and it’s examining how Google translate and Bing translate can deal with high concepts, things like colours, numbers, counting systems and not just how they translate one word to a different language. I picked DCU because it was a practical course I knew I wouldn’t be sitting learning from a book I’d be getting out there and I’d be career ready by the end of my course.

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