Finally, good Ryzen laptops: High-end ThinkPads go AMD

a lot of people go hey Gordon and I’m
not even making this up they’ll say when are we gonna see a good AMD based laptop
right the knock is MV risin awesome in desktop
those first gen Rises and laptops room yeah newest risin Pro apparently so good
lenovo is putting it into its top-tier brand yes the famous ThinkPad brand been
around forever I was just telling story how I just had to pulp a file from a 10
year old ThinkPad still running like it was brand new not really but but this is
the ThinkPad t4 95 and has a rising pro this one I think has a risin 5 in it you
know the part 12 nanometer apu quad-core picasa i think it’s a code name for it
you also of course get your Radeon Vega graphics goodness in that apu 12
nanometer part but the important thing is this is a think pad this is a top
notch brand this is a big deal huge deal honestly for AMD to actually make it
into a big corporate brand like think pad this is what IT departments by 495
here 495 s here actually this may be the x3 95 and of course a 495 s slightly
thinner you know it’s very thick pad corporate blackjack Donaghey here you
got your think pad something you got your think pat trackpad milspec drops
back all that stuff you know about ink pad but the big deal is AMD and here’s
the thing I’m like well you know those AMD CPUs that we first saw first gen
they’re like the battery life wasn’t great lenovo says it’s it’s pretty good
one cpu performance pretty decent quad core part and graphics of course Radeon
Vega versus Intel integrated graphics that’s not even a contest but battery
life gen gen about 18 percent improvement CP performance about 28
percent performance difference battery left you’re saying versus say a
comparable Intel because all three of these are also sold with Intel CPUs in
them they’re saying maybe an hour maybe 30 minutes less which is really not a
lot because like some of these laptops in mobile mark are getting 14 16 hours
all-day battery life basically essentially lenovo is saying we think
AMD parts are good enough to put in ThinkPad battery life is good
cpu performance good graphics performance good and the other thing of
course there’s all that manageability stuff ambi has their own stuff versions
of intel vpro they say amy has that too for IT
departments I want to do it and surprisingly and this is interesting I’m
hearing from Lenovo cuz I’m like and IT departments of the most conservative IT
departments out there anywhere they don’t like to take risks they’re saying
they actually are interested in AMD so there’s a lot of interest from Lenovo’s
customers in it again enough to put AMD processors into ThinkPad this is going
to be a big deal can’t wait to see it but again this is
arguably a good laptop within AMD CPU folks so there’s your answer

89 thoughts on “Finally, good Ryzen laptops: High-end ThinkPads go AMD

  1. Thinkpads and good do not go together. We use to buy Thinkpads three years ago. No more. We now go with Dell for all of our laptop needs where I work.

  2. I put off replacing my everlasting T460S for the T495S. Totally getting one the first day you can order it!!! Now I can play games on a 14 inch laptop that doesn't weigh 9000 pounds!

  3. Nice to see they getting some attention. I have an Acer Aspire 3 with a 2500U. Yeah battery life is a bit meh. But the performance is pretty great. And I can play some casual games on it.

  4. And those are still not even 7nm. Only more goodness to come to the Thinkpad line once 7nm rolls around.

  5. Gen11 might be the same perf but it's so far away and i already got myself a freesync laptop for work and gaming now albeit in low 1080p60

  6. the only thing that far me from AMD CPU was only the availability of Thunderbolt 3 which I am pretty sure there has been a report in e GPU forum where the Thunderbolt 3 is available in AMD CPU. hopefully, it'll succeed and if the price of this CPU cost less than Intel, would be an easy buy since the integrated GPU card is quite decent to do light gaming as compare to intel GPU

  7. Nice I actually wanted to upgrade my T460 to a T480, but with AMD Ryzen comming to the T series I am definitely gonna wait for that.

  8. Can I get 32GB or 64GB RAM on these yet ???? What is the point of getting a great CPU and max PCIe lanes …. if I can't put enough memory for doing mobile workstation loads ???
    Rather for 16GB RAM … just stick to Gen1 or Gen1.5 Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 or even the A10/A8/A6 series …. make it cheaper if you cant get the same configs like intel.

  9. I have heard that Dell / HP / Lenovo have secret deals with intel to CRIPPLE the AMD offerings … especially in the Laptop / mobile workstation market. The Mobos are MADE to limit AMD RAM and CPU performance just to push more intel gear and still make a profit on AMD fanbois.

  10. And Lenovo's " It isnt a Butterfly" keyboard is the worst design decision and has STOPPED me from EVER purchasing a Thinkpad. They have the ability to make the old IBM keyboard with backlighting … instead they "re-designed" it as chiclet island keyboard of really REALLY crappy "features" … WHY BREAK SOMETHING THAT WORKS GREAT ??? FOR DESTROYING YOUR OWN PRODUCT AND "PROFITS" ?????

  11. My laptop AMD A8 runs win7 vs core i3 2018 laptops runs win10…

    My amd a8 runs so much faster… Than 2018 i3 laptop..

  12. OMG! ThinkPads X395/T495/T495s! With AMD Zen+ APU! Definitely a thing that I waited so long! Really want it so bad! All of them! =)

  13. I'm confused they do have the Thinkpad A Series specifically the A485 with the Ryzen Pro series in it that's milspec as well. What's the difference in this T series and the A485?

  14. I have an AMD thinkpad and I love my computer!! It is way better than Macbook Pros I'm supporting and advertising Lenovo now.

  15. Can confirm these are excellent. Ryzen 2 is basically on par with Intel at the moment (clock-for-clock). I found a brand new £499 Ryzen 5 2500U (quad core and turbo's to 3.6Ghz) together with 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD, and if that's not enough, the graphics is far superior to Intel's built-in graphics chips. That thing is equivalent to a high end i7 laptop that you can typically find in the range of £800 to £1000

  16. Look at AMD support site Drivers are available for Windows 10 only. 🙁

  17. Okay… That I wasn't expecting to see at all. While I'm not fond of the that line, I do like the idea of AMD being used for thinkpads. Finally seeing more and more AMD powered laptops. This is great.

  18. I am still stuck on the Acer Predator Helios 500, for 8 cores and a vega 56 in a laptop that is 17",I will accept that 1.5hr battery life.

  19. What is a purpose of saying "all day battery life". For some maybe, for some not. I understand brands are using it as marketing drag, but for independent reviewers, it's better to let buyers consider themselves if x hours is all day battery life for them or not.

  20. I have a HP with a ryzen mobile chip, it's great…HOWEVER, the drivers are never updated. I don't care who is to blame, it's not as good as anything if the drivers are never updated.

  21. "Let's not take risks" – alienates a good bunch of its loyal costumers by adding soldered in RAM and not removable batteries.

    If they don' t keep the trend started by the T590, and offered a version with numeric keypad…. I'll love one. 1000 times over Intel!

  22. No matter how conservative they are, any IT dept worth their salt should almost certainly include a mix of AMD laptops in their corporate portfolios. We saw the risks of the Intel monoculture last year where companies didn’t have laptops to give employees because Intel couldn’t produce their chips fast enough. Having AMD machines in the mix will help provide an alternative in that situation.

  23. Seeing how positive the comment section for this video, I can't help to think that there were many office workers who really wants to sneak some game time during work but can't because their Intel-based Thinkpads just can't do it.

  24. the previous ryzen thinkpad was only "whaa", because they used only one heatpipe and small batteries:

  25. I'm confused sometimes what you're talking about in this review. Information is not clear. Stop jumping around and tell us how good it is compared to the intel counterparts.

  26. It's irritating to listen to Gordon not realize that first Gen Ryzen also went into Thinkpads. The A series is identical to the T series, but with Raven Ridge instead of Intel. And the E series got it as well, but without the Pro SKUs. Thinkpad doesn't mean Thinkpad. You have to be specific with which series or you might as well assume the i7 in a MacBook Air is the same as the one in a desktop Workstation.

  27. If only there was a laptop with amd, thin bezels and good battery life this is basically it minus the bezels

  28. That's all good but I would have wanted to see T495s side by side with X395 as according to specs T495s is thinner and lighter!

  29. You could have had 64 cores in your Thinkpad but you went with that 4 core intel chad fuck you veronica you stupid slore GAMERS RYZEN 3 UP!!!!
    I used to have an AMD laptop they are great at undervolting.

  30. I've heard good things about the mobile R7 3700U, 12nm chip. The new 7nm chips would be even better for laptops.

  31. So you are saying they have managed to make an AMD laptop with not intentionally putting weak battery/bad screen/horrible keyboard/bad cooling compared to the Intel for the same price?? I dont beleive you prove it

  32. my t410 with the i5 750m (if i recall correctly) and 4GB of ram is in fact running like brand new, just changed the hdd for an ssd and also the fan cuz it died (common problem on t410) and added dual boot with linux just for fun. i've been using it for 9 years and just recently i started using it also for work with visual studio 2019, large projects loaded, tons of chrome tabs opened and gitkraken in the background. not a single problem, running just fine, though i will be changing it soon, not because it is slow but just because it could be better

  33. I am using T495s now.
    Ryzen 5 pro 3500U
    16GB ram
    500GB WD SN750 Black (Intel SSD bad)
    I have used i7-8550u before and feel like the Ryzen 5 pro 3500u really close to i7-8550u

  34. yes, but soldering Ram without having at least one Slot and only giving the Ryzen7 16GB totally sucks. Thinkpad isn´t any more like thinkpad should be.

  35. i like the performance of these new ryzen but i have an eye on zenbook they recently launch new model with amd for first time decent in all departement i'm fine except what bother me slightly is the battery life only last 6.3 hours average 8 max(ultra rare) vs i just hunt the windows version recently shocking! 9.7 hours max(rare) 8 on average daily use with same battery size they really should update the driver
    (why i hunt the intel model? because they didn't dare to sell their intel counterpart as its same price as amd one double shock)

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