100 thoughts on “HOW TO choose the right LAPTOP for VIDEO EDITING in 2019

  1. Awesome video. Keep it up.

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  2. This is honestly the best timing possible for a video like this, have been looking for one for a while. I need to find something for college and looking for a product to save up for now will definitely help in the long run when it's needed! Thanks for the awesome video guys!

  3. Hello, whoever you are, you are an amazing person and make sure no one treats you badly, everyone should be treated right

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  4. I just made a video about hiring an editor, I think I’m going back to doing it myself because it was a disaster

  5. Thanks for this Guide guys, I'm planning to buy a laptop next week. Thanks for that knowledge on what to consider

  6. Jordy please make a video about free video editing applications, for small scale video editors without watermarks etc

  7. Wath do you think about Msi Leopard Gp63 for editing i7 8gen i think is good for travel and editing in casual desktops ? 🙂

  8. But how is 64 gb enough?? I have 500gb hard drive and its almost full by my AE project and video. I think for video edditor importand thing is battery which is good and hard drive is bad in this computer

  9. Notebook nunca é melhor que desktop para edição de vídeo. Tenho um Acer muito melhor que este e ainda assim esquenta muito. Notebook não tem espaço ideal para refrigeração em uma longa renderização

  10. LG Gram does not have a dedicated GPU. So this is absolutely not suitable for any video editing. DaVinci will kill this machine. 2019 laptop dedicated to the video editing (as we can state from the main narrative of thi video) and You tell people to use proxy? xd I can't even comment on this.

  11. Lmao i edit using premiere pro 2018 1080p videos. im using
    Processer:intel i3 3200 /2c 4t
    Lol they recomand 16gb ram
    And 4c . Gg me

  12. Don't they sell these laptops in Europe ? Where the link for people in the EU ? I'm not going to be paying $345.21 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Belgium…..

  13. This laptop is shitty for video editing…. it's trying to be the thinnest laptop in the world and that comes at the cost of a high price and low performance, Im sorry …. I'm unsubscribing :/

  14. Intel Core I 7 8th Gen or Intel Core I 7 10th gen for 4k editing? I'm on a budget so I need it to be as cheap as possible but is good at 4k editing

  15. Don't misguide people to buy sponsored product. You knlw having dedicated graphic card is very important for video editing unless someone has hours of free time to render or ok with lagging after color grading footage. Just a little bit thikness won't add that much to the luggage. LG laptop sponsored is really not good for video editing. We love your videos and trust you but this isn't fair.

  16. For video editing?…. and you don't even cover the System76 Adder WS running CentOS and DaVinci Resolve???!!!!????? lol.

  17. I currently use the Asus ROG Strix GL503V – it is a bit larger than the average '15.5' travel laptop, but it does fit when traveling and works amazing with 2 ruining software programs (Yes including ADOBE). If you have the money and are a traveler, I highly recommend this laptop!

  18. Thank you for an idea we have mostly the rendering problems I'm using Premium pro,Blender,Aftereffect&Cinema4d in My laptop of CPU AMD processor AMD Richland A-10-5757M(2.5Up to 3.5GHz,4MB L2 Cache)
    14" HD Graphics,1366*768
    4 GB DDR3L Memory
    I don't know its good or not?

  19. why should I buy LG gram instead of Razor blade or MSI GS/creator series or Asus zep series? I (and everyone else) can carry a light laptop (under 2kg) as a 10 years old kid. Who really need a paper to edit video? And their specs is so much better than a "quad core -1.8ghz". Boost clock speed on a U-type cpu? What a nice joke. No gpu, well, at least my options will have MX150 as gpu for any kind of effect you need.
    LG gram looks nice, for business trip, for sponsor cinecom, but not for editing.

  20. Premiere makes more use of CPU and daVinci Resolve GPU, depending on which you use you can pick a better laptop. Puget Systems for example have this very well explained on their site, Cinecom you could have based your video on that knowledge.

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