K vs. the Internet

The internet told me I’m dying. I could have an infection of my reproductive organs. I have osteoporosis. How could that be? I’m a hypochondriac. I kept thinking like ok I only have six months to live, I started planning out my life, and like okay, I gotta go skydiving. You have a brain tumor. I had the most awful cramps of my life. K asked me if I had any symptoms that appear with back pain. How long have you had your headache? 1-3 months. Do I have any other related symptoms? No. Tap where you feel the pain. My scalp, my forehead, my temples. Any stomach pains? No. Then I had to provide my height and weight. Now she is ready to show me how people like me were diagnosed and treated. She found 52K cases where there were women with similar symptoms to me. K gave a list of three medications that people use to treat this. 60% of the people went to see a gynecologist. The majority of these women went to their primary care doctor. That’s pretty awesome. That was so easy. I now feel at ease and empowered because I can make an informed decision about my healthcare.

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