Shaping the future of IT – Computing at UWE

My name is Benson Daniel I’m from India
I joined UWE for a Computing BSc Hons degree. Tequila head hunted me on May 31st 2011 and
they were quite impressed by my website and the things that I have done. I always look for the sparkle in the eye the
fire in the belly when I’m recruiting. This guy has come into our business as a young
guy has absorbed so much and is learning so much, has really become a steady part of the
team. If the UWE talent is all like Benson’s they
we want to work directly with them. As everybody knows getting a job in London
is not easy. My time at UWE was so productive it has made
me the professional that I am today, teaching me life skills and influencing me in my personality
and my character and how I present myself to the employer. And the very fact that I am standing here
I am employed by one of the best firms in Europe is because of the time I spent in UWE. Because of the lecturers and the input which
they gave me, because of the careers service which has influenced my CV, my applications
and my website.

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