Why CU Boulder Computer Science?

– [Student] Welcome to beautiful Boulder. Located at the foot of
the Rocky Mountains, the University of Colorado Boulder has an awe-inspiring view from campus. In the Department of Computer Science, innovative academic programs,
hands-on opportunities, and rigorous course work will prepare you for the challenges of a complex world. – Founded in 1970, our department as a long history of advanced research in both basic and applied
areas of computer science. The University of Colorado
provides an outstanding setting for inter-disciplinary research. Our partnerships with campus institutes and national laboratories
provide our faculty and graduate students with
the opportunity to address critical issues facing society,
including climate change, health care, privacy and
security and education. – I am part of a great research team. I have a supportive faculty advisor. I collaborate with faculty
across the department and I really love the outdoors here. – CU Boulder combines great
research opportunities with a great location. There’s a bunch of cool
restaurants here in Boulder, a growing tech industry and
the mountains are right there. – The culture in the CS
department here was one where the professors care about me, not only as a researcher but as a person. And I think my favorite
thing about being here is just the people that
I’ve been able to work with and the amount that
I’ve been able to learn. [light music]

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